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Do you have a passion for hair and beauty? Are you interested in creating looks that will turn heads? Then hairdressing courses in Sydney are definitely for you! Our Certificate III in hairdressing is a nationally recognised course that sets you on the path to a successful career. Our hairdressing courses in Sydney provide you with the practical skills and techniques to confidently seek employment in a hair salon as a hairdresser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our hairdressing course is designed to teach the skills and techniques required for the job of a professional hairdresser. In the course, students are introduced to the theory and practice of cutting, styling, colouring, perming and chemical hair treatments. Through practice and instruction, learners can become certified and qualified in all the technical aspects of hairdressing, such as creating updos as well as cutting layers and long hair.
Hairdressing courses in Sydney include other relevant elements such as health and safety, basic anatomy, customer service, merchandising and running a business. It also covers hygiene and the use of products, sterilisation and working with a variety of styling tools. By mastering these topics, hairdressers can feel confident when meeting clients and performing their services.

Hairdressing is an incredibly rewarding career for those with the right skill set. To become successful in hairdressing, it's important to have excellent people skills, as your customers will expect a friendly and engaging experience. Other essential skills include artistic creativity, which enables you to develop fresh ideas and styles, good business acumen and organisation.
Enrolling in our hairdressing short courses in Sydney can be beneficial in acquiring the skills needed to excel in the field. This course will cover important areas such as styling and finishing techniques, colour trends, business practice and customer service, which provide essential knowledge to have a successful career in hairdressing.

To be eligible for our hairdressing courses in Sydney, you must:
• Be at least 8 years old.
• Have basic computer skills.
• Hold a current student visa.
• Have sound language, literacy and numeracy skills.
If you are from an English-speaking background, you must have completed at least Year 10 English or it’s equivalent.
International students should take an English proficiency test, such as IELTS, Occupational English Test (OET), TOEFL iBT, Pearson Test of English, Cambridge English Advanced, or equivalent. The test must be taken within two years before the application is made.

Getting a hairdressing certificate III can open a range of opportunities in the industry. Qualified hairdressers are always in demand, as many salons are on the lookout for experienced, professional stylists. With a hairdressing qualification, job prospects in the industry include becoming a stylist, salon owner, educator, freelance hairstylist or barber.
Completing our course in hairdressing opens the doors to many career prospects and provides exciting opportunities to use creativity and knowledge in the hair industry. With hard work and determination, hairdressers can make a successful career out of their hairdressing qualifications.

Pursuing hairdressing short courses in Sydney can be a rewarding experience with multiple benefits. Hairdressing is an artistic craft, and taking a course can teach you how to think creatively and become a well-rounded stylist. With training and guidance, you will develop a strong set of hairdressing skills that will be applicable in a variety of styling techniques.
In addition to practical skills, you will gain industry-specific knowledge to stay up to date with new technologies, trends, and styling techniques. With all these combined, you will be able to effectively engage with customers to create perfect hairstyles that align with their expectations.

Getting a Certificate 3 in Hairdressing in Sydney is a great way to start a successful career in this growing industry, and our course makes this possible. It takes 104 weeks (including 24 weeks of holidays) to complete the entire course. There is also the option to take a fast-track version, which takes only 52 weeks (including 12 weeks of holidays) to complete. This allows students to accelerate their learning and gain their qualifications sooner.
The hairdressing course consists of classroom and practical activities so that students can develop both their theoretical and practical knowledge in a simulated salon environment.

Please go through the following steps if you’d like to enrol in our hairdressing courses in Sydney:
1. To learn more about the course, get in touch with us directly or with your education agency.
2. Fill out the online enrolment form.
3. You will receive a Student Agreement, Letter of Offer and Pre-Enrolment Assessment Form.
4. You must pay 50% fees and return all signed documents to Vigil.
5. An Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment will be issued.
6. You will be required to make your visa, travel/ accommodation arrangements
7. Arrive in Sydney and attend the International Student Orientation at our institute.
8. Attend our classes.

A Certificate 3 in Hairdressing in Sydney is a recognised qualification that ensures that hairdressers have the basic skills and knowledge they need to safely practice. This certificate provides students with the opportunity to study topics related to hairdressing, such as hygiene and safety, chemical services, client consultation and product knowledge. Furthermore, you’ll also learn how to carry out perming and colouring, as well as how to create stylish looks with blow-drying, straightening and curling.
Aside from the hands-on learning opportunities a Certificate 3 provides, the skills and knowledge gained will enable hairdressers to pursue higher- level courses or work as salon owners or trainers.

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