Key Contacts

Student Support Team can be contact on 1800 978 377. Speak to them in the first instance, to arrange for a time to speak with other key contacts.

A reference guide to who is here to help you:

  • Questions about content of units, teaching procedures, assessment
  • General advice about course progress, preparation for exams & assignments
Student Academic Affairs Advisor
  • Questions about the program as a whole, academic regulations, difficulties with study, course progress monitoring, decisions to defer from study (inform together with the Enrolment Coordinator)
The Counsellar Team
  • Problems with relationships, homesickness, mental health
  • Spiritual / religious issues, personal issues
  • Other general mental health support
Student Support Coordinator
  • Visa problems, financial concerns, and help with short terms accommodation
  • Health care/ insurance problems, course progress, understanding of how to utilise college progress effectively (together with the Academic Affairs Advisor)
Enrolment Coordinator
  • Timetable, registration in subjects/units, change of address and assistance with enrolment arrangements (together with the Academic Affairs Advisor)
Student Academic Affair Advisor
  • Concerns about study and living adhustments
  • Sexual harassment, discrimination, instance of bullying, and other concerns regarding student code of conduct
  • Accommodation issues
  • Career advice and/or referrals to career counselling services

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