Life in Sydney, Australia

Living in Sydney

Australia is a prosperous, safe, and united country. Our national identity is built around a diverse society with a rich Indigenous heritage and our shared values of democracy, freedom, equal opportunity, and individual responsibility.
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Studying in Sydney

Australia is known globally as one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries. Did you know that Australia has the fifth highest number of international students in the world behind despite having a population of only 25 million?
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Moving to Sydney

Most international students wanting to study in Australia require a student visa. Some other visa holders are also eligible to study as international students in Australia. Many students apply for a visa themselves on-line or via the Australian Diplomatic Mission in their country.

The visa application process can be complicated and for students from select countries it may be better to apply with the assistance of an accredited agent due to their familiarity and experience in the field.
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Working in Australia

We understand that students need to work while studying in Australia. However, you need to make sure that you are complying with your Visa Conditions when you are working in Australia.

Work Restrictions: 40 hours a fortnight is the maximum number of hours you will be allowed to work when your training/course is ‘in session’, this includes exam and assessment periods. However, if your training/course is not ‘in session’ the number of hours that you are allowed to work will not be limited.
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